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    Wattpad Vlog: A Fantasy Adventure Story

    In this week’s vlog, Pam and Maria recommend “Two Cats” (Mobile Wattcode 2483048) by ironkite, a fantasy adventure story that we’ve just added to the Featured Story list on Wattpad.

    Just a friendly reminder to vote for your favorite stories and support all the amazing writers in this year’s Watty Awards!

    Happy holidays, everyone!

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    Happy Hanukkah!

    The holiday season is a time often spent with family and friends, and what better way to prepare for these bonding moments than to read about all sorts of quirky family relationships?

    Check out these Watty Awards 2011 finalists that you can enjoy over the holiday season. From action to horror, there’s something here for every type of reader to enjoy!


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    That’s if You’re a writer ;)

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    Get ready for the holidays! Read and watch Episode 1 of Aisling’s Diary Holiday Special on Wattpad starting today.

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    Hello! If you’re having any problems with your account log-in, please contact us at and we’d be happy to help you out! :)

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    “You are wattpadder when you keep calm and read wattpad!”

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    Asking someone who their most inspirational people are, is pretty common for a writer. But asking a paranormal writer who their favorite vampires and werewolves are? That is AWESOME! In a world that is FILLED with vampires and werewolves from books, television, movies, pictures, contemporary cultures, the choice is limitless!

    When I think about this my mind fills with all of the pictures I’ve seen and movies I’ve watched, let alone the books I’ve read (I am a vampire connoisseur). For the sheer sake of being able to narrow this choice down to three, I am going to stick with film vampires and werewolves.

    You might think that I am old fashioned and boring, but I can’t help it. My FAVORITE vampires and werewolves from film are Dracula played by Bela Lugosi, Lestat played by Tom Cruise, and Lon Chaney, Jr who is the absolute BEST werewolf there is.

    I don’t think that there is a person alive today that doesn’t know who Dracula is. Some might not know him as Bela Lugosi, but that is just a shame. There’s something about the Hungarian actor that has so encompassed the image of Dracula that he is Dracula. They say that he was buried in his cape when he died. How cool is that?! Okay, some people might think that is just freaky, but I personally love it!

    Bela Lugosi has the dark, mysterious beauty that is often associated with vampires. He is sensual and the guy that all the diehards dream about. You can just imagine him telling you, “I don’t drink … wine.” A shiver of delight goes down my spine as I think about his piercing eyes as he would ask me if I enter the castle of my own free will, can you say “hell, yes!”

    Then you move to the other side of vampires and you find Lestat. He is cruel and mean and appears heartless. But that doesn’t stop people from being drawn to him. He’s just so damn pretty. Yes, I said it. He is pretty, with his flowing golden locks and beautiful eyes. And it is all meant to draw you to him. Who the heck would willingly give themselves to an ugly vampire? No one. There is something brutally refreshing about how in your face cruel and disrespectful to mortals of his world he is.

    Lestat has a completely different set of rules and ways than Dracula. They each are based on literary characters, but their worlds and characteristics are so different. I want to love Lestat, but he tries so hard to force me to hate him. Maybe all he really needs is a hug or something- not that I would put my neck anywhere near his teeth. Something I really and truly hope they do in the future is let Lestat’s story be told on the big scene. Interview with a Vampire was good, but I want see The Vampire Lestat told as well. But hey, I’m one of those wacky people that like the idea of books being turned into films and then gripe about how it wasn’t as accurate in the movie.

    Moving onto the son of “A Man with a Thousand Faces”, Lon Chaney, Jr (or the Monster Man) is the original Wolf Man- the cursed soul. There is no werewolf that comes before or after him that I think really embodies the werewolf like him. He plays with fables and myths of werewolves, and acts the part perfectly. Yes, I LOVE old movies, there’s a certain quality of black and white films that seems to have been lost on modern pictures, but that doesn’t mean that just because a movie is old that it’s better- look at any of the old B movies, yikes!

    Maybe it’s because I minored in film studies as an undergrad, or maybe I just have more respect for actors that went the extra distance to make the viewer believe they were their character, but Lon Chaney, Jr. touched the werewolf in me and he will forever remain the father of them- and he did it without special effects, CGI or anything fantabulous that we use today!

    Are these the only monsters for me? No way! But they are my top three film ones. I don’t think it will change any time soon, either. Are my vampires and werewolves like them? Not really. They are a mix of old and new. You learn more about them as the series progresses, so what you don’t know just from reading Bella Notte, you’ll discover as you read on. Thanks for reading my rambling ways! :0)

    Read them on Wattpad:

    Bella Notte (Mobile Wattcode 2703451)

    A Bella Notte Christmas Story (Mobile Wattcode 2715352)

    Bella Vita (Mobile Wattcode 2703550)

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    Fairytale retellings are a big trend in pop culture today, from TV shows (Once Upon a Time, Grimm) to movies (Snow White and the Huntsman).

    In this podcast, we interview GrimReader, author of “Rumpled”, “Awake”, “Demise”, and other stories on Wattpad. We discuss the popularity of classic retellings, writing inspirations, and more!

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    Happy Wattpad Wednesday! Join us on Twitter @Wattpad for this week’s giveaway contest!

    Plus, check out the second episode of the Aisling’s Diary Holiday Special below:

    It’s six days until the school’s biggest charity event of the year and Aisling has trapped herself in a corner by making a promise she’s not sure she’ll be able to keep. Will she be able to come through and book The Krew to perform at the party or will Eavanne upstage her by bringing in the red hot band, The Score, to perform?

    From Dec. 20th to 24th, we’ll be publishing a chapter of the Aisling’s Diary Holiday Special along with episodes. Eventually, the chapters will make up a second book in Aisling’s saga.

    Happy Holidays!

    Read Chapter 2 on Wattpad!

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    Help Wattpad win the first annual Canadian Startup Awards! Let’s show everyone how amazing our Wattpad Community is. It’s Round 1 of the competition, and we need as many nominations as possible. Here’s how you can help:

    • Tweet: “@techvibes I nominate @wattpad for the Best Overall Canadian Startup of 2011 #StartupAwards
    • Email “I nominate Wattpad for the Best Overall Canadian Startup of 2011” to
    • Visit TechVibes, and add a comment to their “Startup Awards” article to nominate Wattpad.

    Thanks for helping us out!

    Wattpad Team

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  • 12/21/11--15:04: Photo

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    It’s a holiday love triangle!

    Watch episode 3 of the Aisling’s Diary Holiday Special on Wattpad!

    Read it here!

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  • 12/22/11--14:00: Wattpad Cover-Off!
  • Which version of Jolyn Palliata’s “Impending Reprisals” do you like better - left or right?

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