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    You’re Beautiful

    “Will Embry risk everything just to be with her? Will Annie ever understand that being different is okay?”

    The Truth About Love

    Life has never been easy for Julianna. It’s not easy being the only plain one in the family with two popular siblings. It’s not easy being the glasses and braces-bearing nerd. It’s not easy being socially awkward. And most of all, it’s not easy having a crush on school heartthrob Aidan Owen, especially when he is dating her next-door neighbour, the she-devil Whiteney Donnelly. From junior high to now, Aidan is the reason that everything is bearable to Julie, even though he barely noticed her existence. That is, until the day she overheard their conversation. She decided it’s time to change, but will this change bring good, or bad?

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  • 02/13/12--10:00: Friday Night Lights
  • Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink:

    Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger

    By Skyler M., Sneads Ferry

    If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know football is huge. A town there is not measured by its people or how much land it covers, but by the quality of the football program and the number of state championships its team has won. Friday Night Lights tells the story of such a place.

    The town of Odessa, Texas prides itself on having the winningest football program in not only Texas, but the entire country. They come into the 1988 season looking for their first state championship under their new and untested coach.

    One of the reasons I love this book is that it’s not just about football - it also focuses on race and prejudice.

    Continue reading here!

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  • 02/14/12--08:00: Love Stories on Wattpad
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the day of hearts and romance, we bring you some of our favorite love stories on Wattpad.

    Check them out and if you have other suggestions, add them to the comments below. Have a great day!

    Classic Romance                    Mystery/Suspense                          


    Fantasy                                   Teen Fiction


    Non-Teen Romance


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    To all our fans on Wattpad. Happy Valentine’s Day!” - One Direction

    What Makes You Beautiful: A Valentine’s Story

    Hey everyone!

    As a special Valentine’s gift to their Wattpad fans, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, want to give you a romantic story set to the music video for What Makes You Beautiful. We hope you enjoy it! We think Leah did a great job with the fictional characters.

    Watch for 1D as they make their North American debut with concerts in the U.S. and Canada in February and March.

    See you on Wattpad!

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    Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re spending it with your favorite sweetie or have plans to cozy up with your favorite book, we hope today is filled with people and things you love. We hope.
    As we all know, when the heart gets involved, things can get complicated. If you’re nodding your head right now (we saw you!), you might want to check out the brand-new book, Girl Meets Boy. Bringing together 12 celebrated authors, this collection of love stories is the perfect Valentine’s Day read.
    Save 25% + Free Shipping
    And just for being a Wattpadder, you can enjoy 25% off and free shipping when you buy with Chronicle Books. Just enter promo code WATTPAD at checkout. Or you can download the ebook version and start reading right now!

    Contest Results:
    Drumroll, please! To celebrate the release of Girl Meets Boy, Kelly Milner Halls stopped by Wattpad for a love-themed writing contest. Kelly and the folks at Chronicle Books were blown away by how many people entered the contest—and how superb the entries were. After the contest closed, Kelly snagged a Super BigGulp of classic Pepsi and studied all the scenes carefully. It was very hard, but she selected one grand-prize winner and four runners-up.

    Congratulations to our grand-prize winner: Arielle Andrews! Her version of Raffina’s story was gripping and evocative. Arielle also managed to give the scene a lot of backstory—not easy to do with a very tight word limit.
    Also, please join us in congratulating the following Wattpadders, who are the four runners-up.
    RingyDingy: Click here to read contest entry.
    Bloodynewmoon: Click here to read contest entry.
    RawrInYoFace: Click here to read contest entry.
    XxdinoxX: Click here to read contest entry.
    Be sure to read each of their scenes. Though each take is different, all entries were excellent.
    Arielle, the grand-prize winner, will receive:
    • A copy of Girl Meets Boy signed by all 12 authors
    • The chance to submit 25 pages from a work in progress to Kelly Milner Halls for feedback
    • A 30-minute Skype video conference with Kelly to discuss the publishing business and his/her manuscript
    • A copy of two of Kelly’s favorite how-to books on writing
    Runners Up:
    Four runners-up will each receive a copy of Girl Meets Boy signed by all 12 of the authors.
    Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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  • 02/14/12--14:00: Chocolate Fondue Party
  • The Wattpad team celebrated Valentine’s Day by hosting a chocolate fondue party!

    Fruits & Pretzels

    Melting Chocolate

    Huda’s home-made Churros

    Raincoast Crisps

    Multi-coloured Skewers

    Toblerone, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Fondue

    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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  • 02/14/12--16:00: Message In A Bottle
  • Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink:

    Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

    By Hailey K., Dexter, MI

    When was the last time you cried your eyes out reading a book? Message in a Bottle is a classic love story that melts your heart with every word. It tells the story of a divorced woman, Theresa, who falls in love with Garrett, a sailor. On her morning jog on a Cape Cod beach, Theresa finds a bottle with a message inside addressed to “Catherine,” simply signed “Garrett.” The letter warms her soul, so she sets out to find this love-struck man. But what she doesn’t know is that Garrett also lost the one he loved. Catherine had passed away.

    Well, believe it or not, Theresa finds Garrett, and they grow close. But what happens next is unexpected and truly remarkable. After fights, twists, and turns, they fall in love.

    Continue reading here!

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  • 02/15/12--04:00: Wattpad MeetUp in Manila!
  • Join us for a Wattpad social event in Manila, Philippines on Saturday, March 24th!

    If you would like to attend, please RSVP with your Wattpad username. There are only 100 guest spots and it’s first come, first served so sign-up now!!! Get ready for a fun afternoon with your fellow Wattpad friends, writers, and readers.

    Where should we have the next Wattpad MeetUp? Create a community on our profile at and tell us about it.

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    Wattpad Podcast! Writer’s Craft: Themes of Love and Writing Inspirations  

    Listen to our podcast interview with Trina Talma, also known as hrtsmom on Wattpad. We discuss popular themes such as love and writing inspirations, as well as her fantasy adventure novels in the Zania Corthinn series.

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    To all our fans on Wattpad. Happy Valentine’s Day!” - One Direction

    Read  the OFFICIAL 1D fan fiction exclusively on Wattpad!

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink:

    Author Dana Reinhardt

    Having written four books, Dana Reinhardt is no stranger to the writing process. She currently lives and writes in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to interview her about her experiences. In her newest novel, The Things a Brother Knows, a teenage boy struggles to reawaken a relationship with his brother, who has just returned from serving in the Army.

    Alex: First, I just want to say, I am not usually a fan of realistic fiction, but I enjoyed your book a lot. I really like your sense of humor.
    Dana Reinhardt: Thanks. I appreciate that.

    Your main characters are teens and your book is aimed at a teen audience. Why did you choose to write for teens?
    I love to write YA fiction because I believe teen readers are more open to the experience books offer than adults are. I can remember how I felt as a teenager reading books; I plowed through them in a way I think adults simply don’t. As a teen reader, my favorite books were coming-of-age stories – those are the stories I still love to read, and they are the stories I like to write.

    Continue reading here!

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    Congrats to FORTUNE’S FOOL, winner of the Reader’s Choice Award for best single title in the Judge a Book by Its Cover contest:

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  • 02/16/12--11:52: Wattpad's Post It. Pin It.
  • Check out our cake pop giveaways (courtesy of Bruna from Cookies & Cake Pops) for Wattpad’s very first Social Media Week event tomorrow, Feb. 17th! #WattpadSMW

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    Which version of “The Woman In Black” do you like better - 1, 2, or 3?

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  • 02/16/12--15:00: How To Train Your Dragon
  • Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink:

    How To Train Your Dragon

    By Maddy S., Cannon Falls, MN

    I say “sit” and my eager puppy drops her bottom to the floor. I give my horse a nudge with my heel and he takes the hint and begins to move. I call to my dragon and … wait, I don’t really have a pet dragon, but after watching the suspenseful, heart-tugging movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” I wish I did.

    Hiccup, a scrawny young Viking, grows up in a place where dragons are known as dangerous countryside pests. The way to win fame and respect within the community is to fight and kill dragons and to do it well. For Hiccup, this couldn’t be more difficult. Know as the town clown, he tries to make a mark for himself by capturing and killing the most feared, never-before-caught dragon, the Night Fury. In attempting to do so, Hiccup has the adventure of a lifetime.

    Continue reading here!

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  • 02/17/12--06:00: Friday Find: "Portal"
  • “I think it has a very clever hook and plays so well against a variety of genres -YA, fantasy, romance, sci-fi. It’s a very tough balancing act to walk the tightrope of so many genres without slipping up on one of them, but I’ll be damned if you didn’t pull it off with aplomb”- Terry Goodman (Senior Editor at Amazon Publishing) 

    “Portal…when love’s just the beginning of the story” - KindleObsessed 

    “I love the use of time travel in this book. I haven’t seen it done in quite this way before, and I think it added an original twist to the paranormal romance genre.” –Amanda Hocking 

    “Twilight meets The Time-Travelers Wife!” - Stephen Windwalker (Kindle Nation) 

    Every Friday, we bring you an undiscovered gem to read on Wattpad. This week, our secret Wattpad Talent Hunters recommend Portal, a romantic teen fiction:

    Portal by Imogen Rose

    Come Find Me Two Years Ago…

    Six words that propelled ice hockey playing tomboy, Arizona, into an alternate dimenson. She suddenly found herself in the past. In one moment she went from being an ice hockey playing teenager in New Jersey to a glamorous cheerleader in California. She found herself transported from a happy life with her dad, Dillard, to a new, strange one living with her mother whom she hates. Apparently it’s a life she’s always lived in.

    Everyone knows her as Arizona Darley, but she isn’t. She is Arizona Stevens.

    As she struggles to find answer she is certain of one thing - that her mother Olivia, a brilliant physicist, is somehow responsible.

    PORTAL is the story of the repercussions of Olivia Darley’s attempt at creating a perfect world for herself and her children. Arizona’s quest for answers threatens to undermine the seemingly perfect world that her mother has so carefully constructed.

    PORTAL is the first book of the Portal Chronicles. Fans of time travel, romance, and the supernatural will enjoy Arizona’s quest for answers.

    Imogen will be posting a few chapters every week until the story is complete, and will leave the whole story available to read on Wattpad for a month.

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post by our newest Featured Story writer Catherine M Wilson, author of the When Women Were Warriors trilogy:

    Amazing Stories

    Back in the 1980s, there was a TV show called Amazing Stories. The show’s open featured a group of cavepeople sitting around a fire in a dark cave while an old man told a story. That open gave me chills, because it captured the feeling I got when I was a child and someone settled down to tell a story. Whether it was my mother telling me a bedtime story or storytime at the library or a teacher reading a story to the class, there was always something magical about storytelling.

    I saw that Amazing Stories open recently on YouTube, and I got the same feeling again, and suddenly I was struck with the idea that we’re going back there. We’re starting to tell each other stories again. And I think it’s about time.

    But first, a few words about the bad old days.

    In the bad old days, if you wanted to tell the world your story, you had to get published. And if you wanted to get published, you had to find an agent. Then the agent would sell your book to a publisher. The publisher would pay you an advance, and you would sign a contract giving the publisher the right to publish the book. The contract also gave the publisher almost total control of how the book was presented. The publisher could change the title, create cover art designed more to sell the book than represent its contents accurately, and choose how it was marketed. The publisher could even ask you to make changes to the book’s content. In the old days, writers often complained that their publisher demanded changes that made the story a completely different one from the one the writer had meant to tell.

    In those days, the only way a writer’s work could reach the public was through a traditional publisher. Writers knew that. They knew that certain kinds of books— books that appealed to niche (i.e. small) audiences or books with controversial themes—would never get past these gatekeepers, so writers wrote “for the market.” And “the market” wasn’t the people who read. “The market” was the publishing industry.

    In the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of the indies. Independent publishers may be micro-publishers who publish work the traditional publishers aren’t interested in, or they may be the authors themselves. It started with POD (Print On Demand) technology, which greatly simplified the process of producing a paperback book. Then ebooks came along, and making an ebook available for sale on Amazon or Barnes & Noble was so simple that anybody could do it.

    At first, writers were just glad that they didn’t have to jump through all the old hoops anymore. Writers used to spend a great deal of time trying to get the attention of someone in the industry. They went to writers’ conferences, where you could pay an additional fee to get a few minutes to pitch your book to an agent. They joined online communities of other writers to share tips: what makes a good query letter, how long should a synopsis be, which agents are looking for new clients? So in addition to writing, a writer’s other job was learning how to navigate the twists and turns set up by the people who controlled which books are published.

    Many writers haven’t given up the dream of a traditional publishing contract, but many others are realizing that there is much more to be gained by publishing one’s own work than not having to jump through those hoops anymore.

    What is beginning to dawn on writers is that now they can write what they want. That point is so important that I’m going to say it again. Writers can now write what they want. They can write what is closest to their hearts without worrying what their agent will say or what their publisher will or won’t be interested in publishing. This is a HUGE change, and we’re only beginning to see the consequences.

    Most writers I’ve spoken with had no idea how much the need for the approval of others affected their writing, but now they realize that the feeling of someone always looking over their shoulder, ready to tut-tut their disapproval, is gone. Now they can dare to write the true stories of their lives.

    When I say “writers,” I don’t just mean the folks who always intended to “be a writer,” the folks who have dozens of manuscripts covered in dust at the bottom of a drawer. Now we are all writers, each one with a story to tell, perhaps with many stories to tell.

    There are so many stories we haven’t heard. There are so many stories no one has had the freedom or the courage to write. And even if people were writing those stories, few people ever got to hear them. Now we’re going to hear those amazing stories.

    So the old man, the caveman, the storyteller is back. Except that now we are all storytellers, and the whole world is sitting around the fire listening.


    You can see the open to Amazing Stories here:

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink:

    The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

    If you have ever had a dog, you will love this book. If you don’t have a dog, you will want one before you reach the last page. I enjoyed The Art of Racing in the Rain from beginning to end. Told from an interesting perspective, it makes you think in a new way. While some parts are sweet and tender, others are deep and dark. You may want to keep a box of tissues nearby.

    Read more!

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    Wattpad Cake Pops

    Wattpad hosted a Social Media event on Friday, February 17th 2012 and had custom cake pops as giveaways. This is my time lapse experiment with it. Enjoy!

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post from our newest featured story writer, KateLorraine:

    Bubble Tea Girl

    When I first wrote Bubble Tea Girl, I was 24 and rather poor. I had lived and gone to school in the city but I never participated in the fashion aspect of it. I was also a humanities nerd who was more interested in the ancient books at the New York Public Library on 5th avenue than I was in the Fashion Week tents in Bryant Park. My idea of a fashion splurge was purchasing a five dollar fur trimmed cape off of Forever21’s discount rack. When you’re a kid in high school with a twenty dollar weekly allowance in your pocket, five dollars seemed like an ungodly amount to pay.

    As time passed, I went to medical school to become a doctor like my stepfather. I started to realize that dressing well is about more than just vanity. My stepfather is a surgeon from a long line of blue-blooded surgeons and he always told me that dressing well is a sign of respect for your patients. A well-dressed man or woman inspires confidence and security. My parents got me my first Louis Vuitton bag when I started to see patients. I was dating a lawyer at the time and he always inspired me by dressing himself with utmost care and attention to detail. This was vital as he often shared an elevator with Anna Wintour on his way to work!

    When I look back on the Bubble Tea Girl, I see a young and carefree version of myself. My characters - Julia Hua, Weiliang and Kalliyan - don’t dress to flaunt their money or power. They are rich but their wealth is in time and youth. Julia dresses in lace and leather, t-shirts and sweats, Payless shoes and Hello-Kitty, to express the ultimate status symbol - being beautiful, healthy, young and free.

    Coco Chanel

    Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel started her first formal store at Rue Cambon with the help of her lover Arthur “Boy” Capel. Coco Chanel was an avid reader of romance novels in her youth, often to the dismay of the nuns at Aubazine. When she met Boy Capel, she was swept away by his American charm. Although, Boy Capel declined to marry Coco Chanel, he gave her the resources and inspiration necessary to become financially independent. It is rumored that the interlocking Cs of the Coco Chanel logo represent the undying love Chanel felt for Capel.

    Nowadays, a Chanel bag is a symbol of the maturation of a girl into womanhood. No night out on Broadway is complete without a parade of girls with the characteristic gold chains of Chanel Flapbags over their shoulders. It is ultimate symbol of both femininity and enduring style.

    Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton started out designing luggage for the Empress Eugénie de Montijo. Through his work with French royalty, he created a new flattened travel case that was stackable. For his signature Monogram Canvas he choose an Oriental inspired flower and quatrefoil design. Perhaps, this influence partially explains why LV is such a popular brand among Asians. Louis Vuitton is a sight that is ubiquitous in Flushing or any urban area. And why not? Louis Vuitton is a functional, classic and tasteful brand. There are some who view the Asian preoccupation with Louis Vuitton with disdain but I commend those women for choosing wisely. A Louis Vuitton bag is a symbol of strength and perseverance. I’ve carried rocks, cubby lapdogs dogs, anatomy textbooks in my Neverfull bag for years. I doubt a bag made of titanium could take that much abuse.

    It is rumored that the only bag Coco Chanel ever carried that was not of her own design was a Louis Vuitton Alma. Perhaps, back then, as it remains today, a Louis Vuitton Alma was a symbol of a woman’s professional success.


    Christian Louboutin reportedly first painted the soles of his stilettos “Chinese Red” to hide their imperfections. Now, no New York City party is complete without a girl flashing a streak of red sole with each step. Louboutins are fragile; the soles are meant to leave behind red rosettes behind on the pavement with each step. With a 500-2,000 price tag, these shoes are a reminder of the fleeing nature of youth and the preciousness of time spent with lovers and friends. I like to put protective soles on my Louboutins but sometimes I feel as though this defeats their purpose. As some of my wealthier friends would say - nothing shows that your time is worth 500 dollars an hour like wearing uber expensive shoes that will only last one hour.

    This brings us to the conclusion of this blog entry on great fashion designers and fashionistas. I hope you check out my book, Bubble Tea Girl!

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