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  • 02/18/13--13:00: One Stiletto In The Grave
  • Reapers in Heels: It’s hard to look for love in the land of the living, when your job has you working with the dead.


    “Relationships don’t come with expiration dates,” Avery says.

    “Sure they do,” Brook insists. “It’s like milk. Sometimes you can stretch ‘em past their Good-By Date, but they’re still gonna go rotten.”

    Click here to read this paranormal romance free on Wattpad!

    When a dead soul goes renegade, you call a grim reaper. And when you’re in Century City, you call the Graves sisters. Avery and Brooke Graves are two of the best reapers in town. For them, hunting down a renegade dead soul is easy, hunting for a good man, however, is a whole ‘nother challenge.

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    Social Media for Writers: Tips from a Wattpadder

    In our latest podcast, we interview David Wallace Fleming, writer of the social media love story “Growing Up Wired” and “Not From Concentrate,” a collection of satirical stories exploring technology and relationships.

    Click here to listen to our discussion of social media for writers (which platforms to use and how!), tips for getting more readers on Wattpad, and how technology affects modern relationships.

    Read David’s stories for FREE on Wattpad!
    “Growing Up Wired” is available to purchase on Amazon Kindle

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  • 02/20/13--07:00: The Lost Soul
  • A tale of magical creatures, this is a fantasy world which takes you to the center of the earth and back out again.


    The spell worked. December, Moira, Ruby and Lilly looked on in utter shock as Millicent appeared to them in earnest. Not just a floating spirit but a woman with a body.

    “Oh, get the woman some clothes, already. She’ll freeze to death in here standing there naked like that. And after all of this, we certainly wouldn’t want to lose her to the cold would we?” said Ruby, floating around her ancestor in shock.

    “Yes, yes, of course. I’ll run upstairs and get something for her to wear,” muttered Moira, who was having some difficulty believing the spell had actually worked.

    “I’m human again… after all these years. I can barely believe it,” whispered Millicent, pinching her arms and jumping up and down.

    “Woah there. Can you wait ‘til you’ve got some clothes on before you start doing all those gymnastics,” sniggered December with a grin.

    Click here to read this fantasy novel free on Wattpad!

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    Wattpad Cover-Off! Damon at designed these special book covers for “Dawn of the Epoch.”

    Which version do you like best - 1, 2, or 3?

    Click here to read it free on Wattpad!

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  • 02/22/13--07:00: What Every Villain Needs
  • Wattpad brings you a guest post from Bethany Myers, on creating great villains in literature.

    You can read her novel “The Busgirl Blues” free on Wattpad:

    Sometimes the best matches are the ones you least expect.


    What Every Villain Needs 

    As writers, we’re sometimes so preoccupied making our protagonist tangible enough to jump off the page, that we forget about the antagonist. Villains create conflict, therefore they are essential to any good story and deserve to be fleshed out as much as your hero. 

    There’s nothing more unsatisfying than reading about a bad guy whose only purpose is to be…well bad. Even though he-who-must-not-be-named was truly evil, J.K. Rowling made sure to show how his past explained his cruelty. 

    In my YA coming of age novel, BUSGIRL BLUES, Kelsey faces a few villains; Mr. Deveau the flamboyant yet cantankerous restaurant manager, Luke the new kitchen guy who manages to get under her skin, and even her own insecurities and lack of self esteem.

    Sometimes the villain isn’t always recognizable, but what is important is how each of these ‘villains’ in Kelsey’s story create conflict and force her to make hard decisions. If your MC isn’t making decisions to get out of a crisis, the plot isn’t moving forward and your reader will get bored.

    So, does your evil doer have the right stuff? Scroll down to see what every villain needs. 

    1. A diabolical plan. There has to be a reason for their nastiness—being mean isn’t enough.


    Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, photo credit

    2. A mysterious past. People aren’t born evil, they’re made.


    Count Dracula, photo credit,

    3. A slimy sidekick. Usually with dependency issues. However, it’s more interesting if their loyalty is from fear, and consequently unreliable.


    Scabbers aka Peter Pettigrew with baby Lord Voldemort, photo credit

    4. An arch nemesis. It’s the hero of the story who represents what the villain secretly fears the most.           


    White Witch from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, photo credit                             

    5. High tech gadgets/special powers. Okay, not totally necessary. But it’s cool and it helps raise the stakes against the hero.


    The Joker from Batman, The Dark Knight, photo credit

    6. An irresistible charm. A cool demeanor coupled with a handsome figure always helps.


    Mrs. Coulter from The Golden Compass, photo credit

    Who are your favorite villains?

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    Fans of Marian Keyes can get exclusive access to new stories from the Queen of Chick Lit, free on Wattpad:

    image   image

    Plus, here’s your chance to have your story read by Marian Keyes herself! Enter the Chick Lit Short Story Contest on Wattpad. Click here for more info!

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  • 02/24/13--07:00: Made With Love
  • Torn between exciting New York and a sleepy Irish island Julie has to learn that love makes its own home.

    My eyes flood with hot, stinging tears. ‘Live the life you’ve always wanted,’ he says and puts his arms around me.

    Click here to read this chick lit on Wattpad!

    Want more Chick Lit? Check out our collection of free reads here!

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  • 02/24/13--13:00: Busgirl Blues
  • image

    Click here to read the whole novel, “Busgirl Blues,” free on Wattpad.

    Sixteen year old Kelsey Sinclair wants to make this summer unforgettable by (hopefully) seducing her secret crush, Blaine Mulder, but a hidden phobia and dare devil dishwashing guy with a smoldering stare are about to mess up her perfectly laid out plans.

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    Welcome to the Wattpad Weekly Writing Prompt!

    Start anytime.

    These are free writing prompts for Wattpad writers who want to be inspired and challenged. You’ll come away with new ideas, new techniques and, most importantly, you’ll generate lots of new writing. The prompts are posted every Monday on the Wattpad Insider.

    To join in: read the prompt and get writing – post your writing on the Weekly Workshop Series Discussion Threadwhere I’ll give feedback as much as I can!

    The prompts are written by Alice Kuipers, bestselling author of Life on the Refrigerator Door, The Worst Thing She Ever Did and 40 Things I Want To Tell You. Visit her at

    Week Fourteen

    I spent the weekend in Los Angeles –lucky me! It got me thinking about journeys and how at the heart of every story is a journey. Journeys change and shape us. They transform us and renew us – everything good writing should do too.

    Write up to 500 words describing a journey that either you or your character have taken. Think about setting the scene of the new place and think too about transformation – how does the journey impact your protagonist? Just because a protagonist is moving through a place DOESN’T mean they are changing and transforming. Keep it interesting and keep the momentum by having your protagonist react to the world around them rather than just sitting on an airplane!

    Post your responses here at the Weekly Workshop Series Discussion Thread! I’ll read and give feedback as often as I can.

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  • 02/26/13--07:00: Paladin
  • Disguised as a boy, Sam slays demons with the warrior elite - will she lose her life or just her heart?


    If this were a fairy tale, I’d be my own damned knight.

    Click here to read this fantasy adventure novel, free on Wattpad!

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees…and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke of Haywood, and if her father has his way, she’ll be marrying a Paladin, not becoming one.

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    Amateur sleuth Kendra Clayton thinks she’s sly and slick until she meets a killer who’s totally wicked.


    At first I thought the red patterns on the walls was wallpaper. I quickly realized I was wrong. Very wrong.

    Click here to read this mystery thriller on Wattpad!

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    Forgot to add something to your reading list? Go to when logged in to see all the stories you’ve viewed lately.

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    Wattpad Cover-Off! 

    Which version of “The Good Kind of Bad” do you like best - 1, 2, or 3?

    Click here to read it free on Wattpad! “Forget what you know about your life. Secrets are sometimes better left just that; secrets.”

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    In the world of elemental magic, losing your heart to the wrong person might be more dangerous than having magic disease.


    Click here to read this fantasy novel free on Wattpad!

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    Reading for free with the Wattpad app. Get it.

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    “There’s more to the game than shooting the moon.  I am afraid that this is a character trait that will not serve you well.  It’s the character trait of dead heroes.  And always keep one thing in mind about dead heroes:  They’re dead.”

    Read it on Wattpad.

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  • 03/03/13--10:00: A wattpadder’s life..

  • A wattpadder’s life..

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    ““Ain’t nothin’ sadder than a party girl who stayed at the party too long.””

    - Sly, Slick & Wicked. Read this mystery thriller free on Wattpad!

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    Welcome to the last Wattpad Weekly Writing Prompt!


    To join in: read the prompt and get writing – post your writing on the Weekly Workshop Series Discussion Threadwhere I’ll give feedback for this one, last week!

    The prompts have been written by Alice Kuipers, bestselling author of Life on the Refrigerator Door, The Worst Thing She Ever Did and 40 Things I Want To Tell You. Visit her at or follow her on twitter.

    Week Fifteen

    Thank you so much all of you who’ve participated over the last forty weeks with either the workshops or the prompts I’ve been posting. I’ve read so many exciting lively, dramatic, thrilling pieces of writing and given feedback to loads of writers with huge potential. It’s been a joy to see so many of you inspired to write, and I’ve been pleased to see how many of you want to work on your writing to make it the best it can be.

    Here are five things I’ve noticed over the last forty weeks that keep coming up as easy-to-fix edits:

    Don’t rush to post work before you’ve re-read it. Always, always take the time to glance over your writing and make sure it’s the best it can be. It’ll give your reader the best reading experience.

    Learn how to punctuate speech. It’s worth getting this right as it helps your reader dive into the dialogue without tripping.

    A strong voice compels a reader – listen in the quiet to hear your characters speak to you, think about who is telling the story, make sure the tone of the writing is consistent.

    Keep your characters reacting to events around them. What they do makes them who they are.

    Every word counts. Use powerful verbs, clear vocabulary, delicious language to elevate your text. Enjoy selecting the best words for the job.

    This week the prompt is to write a letter and the reply to that letter. A thank you letter, a goodbye letter, a love letter. Any sort of letter. You have up to 500 words. In my first novel, I wrote the entire book as notes between two characters – letters are a great way to get to the heart of your characters and let us as readers know how they feel.

    Post your responses here at the Weekly Workshop Series Discussion Thread! I’ll read and give feedback for this one final week. Then I’m off to have my third baby and finish the edits on my fourth novel, The Death of Us, which is due out in 2014. That and a picture book: The Best Ever Bookworm Book by Violet and Victor Small. Both projects and my little ones will keep me very busy, but I’ll be sure to check in with Wattpad to read as much of the amazing work that’s being shared on this website.

    Thanks again to Wattpad for hosting this series, and thanks to you, the writers, for the pleasure of reading all your work.

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    Teen twins Lanni and Alex defend the last few humans from deadly mutants, while their own mutations threaten to erode their dwindling humanity.

    Read this horror sci-fi on Wattpad!

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