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    Round 2 of the 2011 Watty Awards is well on the way! Have you voted for your favorites yet? Here’s a selection of this year’s finalists that feature strange creatures or intriguing characters:


    Chaos is a finalist for Action - Undiscovered Gem.

    The Demon’s Lover is a finalist for Adventure - On The Rise.



    The Pirate is a finalist for Adventure - On The Rise.


    Elemental Magicians

    Found is a finalist for Adventure - Undiscovered Gem.



    Superman Stole My Panties is a finalist for Fantasy - Most Popular.

    Black Leopard

    Their Pride is a finalist for Fantasy - Most Popular.

    Nephilims / Augurs

    The Alliance is a finalist for Fantasy - On The Rise.

    The Watchers Wake is a finalist for Thriller - Most Popular.



    Give My Love To Rose is a finalist for Historical Fiction - Most Popular.

    Mysterious Beings

    Creepers is a finalist for Horror - Undiscovered Gem.


    Surviving A Zombie Attack is a finalist for Horror - Undiscovered Gem.

    The Apocalypse: Surviving The Undead is a finalist for Science Fiction - Undiscovered Gem.



    Rosile is a finalist for Science Fiction - On The Rise.

    Changing is a finalist for Science Fiction - Undiscovered Gem.



    Half Light II: Beyond is a finalist for Science Fiction - On The Rise.

    Half-Light III - The Vampire Hunter Chronicles is a finalist for Science Fiction - On The Rise.


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    It’s Week 8 of Wattpad’s contest on Tumblr! Enter now to win an iPad 2!

    Click here for more details.

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  • 12/10/11--18:31: Writing Inspiration

  • Writing Inspiration

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    The White Rosebush (Mobile Wattcode 944054)

    17-year-old London native Amy Smith never thought for a second that she could have so much more out of life. She was content to sit in her backyard garden under her white rosebush, avoiding her family and spending time with her unwelcome German-born boyfriend, 18-year-old Andreas Hartmann. However, the year is 1940 and all German citizens in England are being rounded up and hauled off to internment camps. Terrified for his safety, the young lovers flee together, only to be separated by German bomber planes. Amy’s only hope to see the love of her life again lies in the hands of a 17-year-old Russian teen named Ivan Kozlov, the mysterious, complex, and seemingly dangerous leader of a network of teenage spies that live in underground tunnels throughout England. But as Ivan gets his hooks deeper and deeper into Amy’s heart, she is torn between her loyalty to Andreas and the endless charm that Ivan presents. To make matters worse, all is not well in Ivan’s paradise. She herself is soon caught up in playing a significant role in something that has the potential to destroy all Ivan’s ever lived for. These two seemingly unrelated events soon come together in a most undesirable way, with one very unlucky girl caught in the middle. Amy has a choice to make: Andreas, the man she’s love since she started high school, or Ivan, a very disturbed, lonely boy that desperately needs companionship.

    You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me! (Mobile Wattcode 686935)

    Dominique is a 17 years old dhampir that lives in the human world. Her life is pretty good until one day her mother tells her that she has to marry the vampire prince to avoid a war between the vampire´s world and the dhampir one. Dominique has a ton to take in: a wedding, turning queen, moving from her beloved town, breaking up with her boyfriend… her life will probably turn upside down. But who can she blame? Not the vampire king or her dead father.. but maybe she could blame her beloved (not) fiancé.

    The Darkness Within: An Andra Kingdom Novel (Mobile Wattcode 948976)

    Caitirina has a secret destiny…one she could never have imagined. Something has always felt slightly off in her life, having suffered the past few years with an empty hole in her heart, and mind. Then her life changes forever, after being kidnapped by the Queen of the Fae, Narishka. Caitirina meets Lorcan, head guard of the Andra Kingdom who feels like more than just a handsome stranger. And more than human. They’re drawn to one another in a way both of them can’t describe. 
    Now Lorcan must help Caitirina destroy Narishka before she destroys everything that is light, and fills the the world with an evil darkness. Along the way Caitirina will learn of a different life she once had, and learn to live it once again.

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    Wattpad Weekly Wrap-Up: Most Popular Posts

    Crushable: “Life’s A Witch” Excerpt

    Guess the cover!

    Tumblr entry: When you learn more about writing…

    Photos: Wattpad Open House

    Celebrity Quote: An interview with Alan Rickman

    Tumblr entry: When you imagine you live in “Wattpad City”.

    Name that scene!

    Tumblr entry: “You know you’re a wattpadder when you start to make a book cover for your story”

    Writing Inspiration

    Tumblr entry: When Wattpad upgrades its servers

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    “You Know You’re A Wattpadder When You Can’t Seem To Log Off.”

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    My Banner for the “You know you’re a Wattpadder when____” Contest :) Hope y’all love it —Courtney (Sammiforever7)

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  • 12/12/11--07:34: Name That Scene!
  • Now you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled.

    Which book-to-movie adaptation is this from?

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    Wattpad Vlog: Short Story Thriller With A Great Twist!

    Today, we review “Snatched” on Wattpad by francisxyzk! Check out this short story thriller that will definitely give you goosebumps.

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  • 12/12/11--18:16: sazzacow: I LOVE...

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