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    Check out this guest post from Wattpad Featured Story writer Maree Anderson for some sci-fi inspiration: Maree Anderson’s Top Five Sci-Fi Characters.

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink magazine:

    Vanity Fair Editor Jane Sarkin

    By Darina S., Warren, NJ

    My school newspaper just did an alumni issue for which we interviewed successful or famous alumni. I interviewed Jane Sarkin, the features editor of Vanity Fair magazine and found her quite fascinating.

    What activities did you do at our school?

    We had the first women‘s soccer team. I played tennis and field hockey, but I liked soccer best. I wrote a bit for The Record. I sang in choir. I remember we did “Bye, Bye Birdie, ” which was a lot of fun.

    How did you get into journalism?

    This school really got me interested in English. I loved the literature and doing papers; it was my best subject. I also loved French. The entertainment world always interested me, that‘show it all happened. I did well in college because I
    knew how to study, take notes and write a paper. I‘m really thankful for that. I believe that all my success came from this backbone of good education, which started in high school.

    How did you come to work for Vanity Fair?

    I worked for Andy Warhol (at his magazine Interview) for four years. This Oscar night was my 20th anniversary at Vanity Fair.

    Continue reading here!

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    Find out more about teen fiction with a paranormal, fantasy or science fiction twist! We talk to Maree Anderson, author of Freaks of Greenfield High, all the way from New Zealand.

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  • 01/25/12--16:02: Heroes & Villains
  • Check out the best casting choices for heroes and villains in the Watty Awards 2011! Who’s your favorite pick for a protagonist or bad guy?

    There’s less than a week left to vote for your favorite Watty Awards finalists! Click here to vote now!


    Gemma Ward as Circe Fallon (A Pirates Kiss)

    Nina Dobrev as Alexandria (Their Pride)

    Natalie Portman as Arianna (Poisoned)

    Daria Werbowy as Emelie (Burn Into Me)

    Kate Hudson as Carmen Gold (Tasted)

    Rachel Hurd-Wood as Scarlett Cross (Blood Red)


    Tom Welling as Lucius Satani (The Devil’s Assistant)

    Dustin Diamond as Dom Gustov (The Singer’s Bodyguard)

    Ian Somerhalder as Christopher (Dangerous Love)

    Clive Owen as Rob Dixon (The Shy Girl Has A Gun)

    Chace Crawford as Blake Salato (Leather Kisses)

    Alan Rickman as The Commander (Individuals: The Director of Death)

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink magazine:

    Actor/Singer Miranda Cosgrove

    By pavlina, port orange, FL

    Feeling a little nervous, I walked backstage with the tour manager to meet up with the teen who’s probably the highest paid actress on TV. (Yes, it’s common knowledge in the entertainment world that she makes three times as much as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez combined). But my nerves disappeared the second I met Miranda Cosgrove, star of “iCarly.” Even though this 17-year-old is a world megastar, she acts like you and me. Really!

    Continue reading here!

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    Looking for something new to read? Try these Watty Awards 2011 finalists! Read about best friends, bands, and life-long friendships.

    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite writers, cast, and stories! The contest closes in 5 days.

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    The winners of the Totally Amp’d giveaway on Facebook have been chosen! Congratulations to Jenny Howard and Elizabeth Schneemann.

    Read Totally Amp’d: Origins on Wattpad! Learn about the main characters, then check out this totally new and interactive series through the Totally Amp’d! app, which just launched today. Download it for your iPhone or iPad now!

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    Which version of Brian K. Henry’s “Space Command and the Planet of the Bejewelled Concubines” do you like better - left or right?

    Mobile Wattcode 3048470

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    Very original sequel for the Arthurian legend. There weren’t many discrepancies from the legend, for once, and that is a plus. Overall written wonderfully, I found it totally mind-blowing. I would recommend it to anyone who loves the Arthurian legend.”

    Every Friday, we bring you an undiscovered gem to read on Wattpad. This week, our secret Wattpad Talent Hunters recommend The Flower of King and Knights, a fantasy adventure:

    The Flower of King and Knights by senseiseth

    The Age of Arthur has ended, for fifteen years the lands of Britannia have been subjected to wars, raids, and is now left in a state of chaos unseen in decades. All is lost, Avalon is all but forgotten, the Vikings and Saxons have returned a hundred fold, and no lord can unite the peoples of Britannia to end constant slaughter. Until now…

    Come from a land and time unseen in years, comes to heir to the House of Pendragon. Raised by Merlin and, trained in the art of war by surviving Knights of the Round Table, he has returned to his homeland to bring order and justice to his people. But with deceitful lords, roaming invaders, and old foes come from beyond the grave, will the legacy of Arthur be triumphant? With both Caliburn, the sword of Uther, and Excalibur, the sword of Arthur at his disposal, will this one chance of survival prevail. Only time will tell…

    From the Isle of Avalon, to the Kingdom of the Faes, to the highlands of Scotland, and the grasslands of Ireland, and the parapets of Camelot, The Swords of Destiny is a continuation of a narrative that has entranced and delighted generations. Filled with epic battles, passionate romance, and legendary characters, Hector will learn what it means to be a king, and a hero.

    Mobile Wattcode 2459549

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  • 01/27/12--11:09: Guess The Cover!

    “Not all haunted hearts are dead.”

    Which story is this quote and book cover from?

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  • 01/27/12--14:03: Book Review: The Outsiders
  • Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink magazine:

    The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

    By Michael J., Twinsburg

    Though I usually prefer science fiction and fantasy, reading The Outsiders was a phenomenal experience. The story line is good, but what sparked my interest is how S. E. Hinton, who was 16 at the time she created this, writes. Everything flows smoothly, and with so much detail. You get to know the characters so well it’s hard to believe the story just covers one week of their lives. This book is extremely hard to put down.

    The Outsiders is about a gang of “greasers,” or underprivileged teenagers, living on the east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are constantly under attack from the rich west-side Socs, and have parties and rumbles all the time. The narrator, the orphan Ponyboy Curtis, pretty much knows what to expect from his day - school, track, homework, football at the lot - until one of his friends takes the greaser-Soc battle too far.

    Continue reading here!

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    Who said student life is boring? Check out these Watty Awards finalists full of pranks, secret crushes, and school misadventures.

    Vote in the Watty Awards 2011! The contest closes in just 4 days!


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    The Watty Awards are the top awards of the year! It’s your chance to pick the top stories starring your favorite actors and actresses. Don’t forget to support your favorite writers!

    Check out the finalists for Best Overall Cast. Vote for your favorites now! Contest ends in 3 days.

    Playing Evelyn: Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Tyler Hoechlin

    The Perfect Summer had to End Sometime: Chace Crawford, Willa Holland

    Gorgeous Mr. Smith: Rachelle Lefevre, Emma Watson, Eduardo Verastegui

    Do You Know Eva: Kathryn Prescott, Saoirse Ronan, Chad Michael Murray

    Athena’s Enigma : Brittany Robertson, Jaimie Alexander, Kevin McHale

    Foxblood: Rachel Hurd Wood, Lucas Till, Scout Taylor-Compton

    All Are Broken: Kristin Kreuk, Tim Robbins, Crispin Glover

    The City Wolf: Aaron Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Logan Lerman, Megan Fox

    The Elephant Diaries: Eric Deulen, Carrie Finkles, Alex Frost

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    Wattpad Weekly Wrap-up: Most Popular Posts

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    Looking for a different type of romance? Check out these Watty Awards finalists to read about student-teacher love stories and other complicated relationships.

    Vote in the Watty Awards 2011, the annual fan-voted competition on Wattpad! 


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  • 01/29/12--16:02: Undiscovered Gems: Vampires


    Alice’s World

    Alice Cullen’s life after Breaking Dawn. She goes through shocking things and finds out more about her past.

    You Got To Be Kidding Me!

    Dominique is a 17 years old dhampir that lives in the human world. Her life is pretty good until one day her mother tells her that she has to marry the vampire prince to avoid a war between the vampire´s world and the dhampir one. Dominique has a ton to take in: a wedding, turning queen, moving from her beloved town, breaking up with her boyfriend… her life will probably turn upside down. But who can she blame? Not the vampire king or her dead father.. but maybe she could blame her new and unwanted fiancé…

    Everything At Stake

    Jenny Clemons is not just any ordinary girl. In fact, she’s a vampire. In hopes to bring peace to her shattered heart and perhaps forgive herself for her gruesome past, the immortal settles in Jacksonville. There, she attends Royal Palm High and, much to her liking, is accepted by the school’s large number of outcasts. Not to mention, the handsome Luke Buchan has captured her heart.  However, her fantasies will not last long, for unexplainable mysteries surround her. Her dreams are invaded by vivid nightmares, a stalking shadow begins to watch over her, and, the worst of them all, there’s a rival immortal who’s found his way to Royal Palm and is up to something sinister. Can Jenny manage to defeat her rival vampire, protect her new companions, and still manage to hide the truth from the man she loves?

    Riding For A Fall

    Set in modern day New Mexico, ‘Riding For A Fall’ tells the story of Arosa (Rose) Leigh, the Princess of the Vampires. Her father, Cris, has ruled the world for nine years. Jaden’s the new guy in school, and a friendship soon develops between him and Rose, despite Rose’s brothers distrust of him. But it seems that all is not well with the world. Someone is preying on the members of the Leigh family, to make Cris pay for a crime of his past. Can Cris and his family find - and put a stop to - whoever it is before it is too late?

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    Check out some of the most beloved stories on Wattpad and vote for your favorites in the Watty Awards 2011!

    Bad Boys & Players: Romantic and Thrilling Love Stories


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  • 01/31/12--05:18: Quirky Bookstore

  • Quirky Bookstore

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    Game Of Thrones Season 2: “Shadow” Tease

    Based on the best-selling series by George R.R. Martin

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    It’s the last day to vote for your favorite Watty Awards 2011 finalists! Support the best stories and writers. One vote can make all the difference.

    Here are the entries for Best Female Cast and Best Male Cast on Wattpad. Which starring lead is perfect for their role?

    Best Female Cast


    Michelle Trachtenberg as Casey Grey (The Singer’s Bodyguard)

    Dulce Maria as Anna Williams (One Night With The Prince)

    Emma Watson as Sophie Page (Saving Ace)

    Selena Gomez as Amy Williams (Royals - The Unwanted Mates)

    Emma Stone as Evelyn (Playing Evelyn)

    Hayden Panettiere as Amy (Whispers of Hope)

    Talulah Riley as Helena (The Not So Secret Life of Helena Callahan)

    Olivia Wilde as Samantha Williams (Mark of the Moon)

    Odette Yustman as Alice ‘Ace’ Spade (Queen of Spades)

    Best Male Cast


    Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Zachias Christamos (One Night With The Prince)

    Matt Bomer as Eric Denton (Something Worth Living For)

    Gaspard Ulliel as Vincent Rutherford (Inject Me Sweetly)

    Chace Crawford as Blaze Lane (This Cinderella Is A Player)

    Richard Armitage as John (Once Upon A Time)

    Christian Bale as Mark (Silence)

    Jared Padalecki as Death (Death is my BFF)

    Adam Brody as Tristan Everdeen (Mark of the Moon)

    Cast your votes here!

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