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    Did you know…

    …that Wattpad is proudly made in Canada? 

    Find out more about the team behind the Orange W.

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink magazine:


    Author Jenny Downham

    By banana, Johnston, IA

    Jenny Downham is a British novelist who retired from acting and began writing young adult fiction when her son was born. Her first book, Before I Die, is about a girl with leukemia and her list of things to accomplish before she dies. Her latest novel, You Against Me, tackles the subject of sexual assault.

    Hannah: Where do you get your inspiration? 

    Jenny Downham: I actually know very little when I start a new project. I may have a few ideas, but they’re usually abstract, as if I know the tone of the piece, but little else. I always use free writing techniques to gather material. This is a bit like improvising in theater – throwing words down and not planning anything in advance. Most of it goes in the bin, but the strongest themes and voices keep returning. After months of this, I begin to know more. 

    I also have a file of newspaper cuttings and scribbled notes. I take a notebook with me everywhere to jot things down, because however much I think I’ll remember an idea I had on the bus, I never do! 

    Your books often deal with ­controversial issues? Why? What difficulties come along with writing about these topics?

    I don’t really think in terms of issues when I begin a project, I’m more interested in characters and the stories they have to tell. I start with them and see where they lead me. 

    I do seem to have a tendency to be drawn to the extraordinary in the everyday and vice versa. In Before I Die, the protagonist is dying, but the novel is actually an examination of what it means to be alive. In You Against Me, there is an allegation of sexual assault, but at the book’s heart is a love story. 

    Continue Reading Here!

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    You know you’re a Wattpadder when …

    You dream of being a ninja … Wattpad style

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    A top entry in our “You Know You’re A Wattpadder When” contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. We loved all the amazing entries!


    You know you’re a Wattpadder when…

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post from our newest Featured Story writer Caitlyn Duffy:

    (Photo via layout sparks)

    When I began writing “The Rock Star’s Daughter,” I wanted to tell a story about complicated family structures and a girl’s struggle to make peace with an estranged father. The celebrity element was an afterthought, although the fame and wealth of my main character Taylor’s father in the story shapes the plot a great deal. Throughout the story, Taylor discovers that all of the perks that she thought would come as part of being the daughter of a famous rock star go hand-in-hand with drawbacks, too. Here’s a peek at some real rock stars’ daughters, who have had many moments of their private lives (good and bad), marriages, divorces, struggles with weight loss and addiction and confusion about their own parental lineage published in gossip magazines.

    Zoe Kravitz: Zoe, the daughter of rock star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, has starred in movies like X-Men: First Class and The Brave One. She was the model for Vera Wang’s fragrance, Princess, and she is reportedly the current girlfriend of Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley. Lucky girl!

    Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom & Little Pixie Geldof: If you’ve ever seen the movie version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, then you know who Bob Geldof is. In addition to starring as Pink in the movie, this Irish rock star was the lead singer of The Boomtown Rats and wrote the Live-Aid Christmas classic, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” His daughters Fifi, Peaches and Pixie have all led tumultuous lives in the public eye. They lived with their mother, Paula Yates, after her split with Geldof, during which time Yates’ boyfriend Michael Hutchence (the lead singer of INXS) committed suicide in 1997. Bob Geldof sued for custody of his daughters and won, and the girls were living with him at the time of their mother’s very sad death in 2000 of a heroin overdose. They have a half-sister named Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence, who has also been formally adopted by Bob Geldof.  

    Peaches (whose Brooklyn apartment was one of my favorites ever to be featured by The Selby) and her boyfriend Thomas Cohen recently announced that they are expecting their first child.

    Stella McCartney: I can’t really begin writing about Stella McCartney without starting out by stating what a huge impact her mother’s beliefs about vegetarianism have had on my own life. Linda McCartney’s interest in animal rights was a trait I incorporated into my development of Taylor’s stepmom, Jill, in “The Rock Star’s Daughter.” Stella, the daughter of Beatle Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman McCartney (who was a photographer) has become one of the most prolific designers in fashion (and staying true to her mother’s legacy, she won’t design with leather or fur)!  She started in the fashion world the old-fashioned way, first working for a tailor on London’s Savile Row and then interning for Christian Lacroix. She was named Creative Director of fashion house Chloé in 1997 and her solo fashion line, skincare line and fragrance line have consistently been fashion industry favorites since her debut.

    Liv & Mia Tyler: Both of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughters are phenomenally beautiful. Liv, the daughter of model Bebe Buell, grew up thinking that Bebe’s husband (rock star Todd Rundgren) was her father, and discovered that Steven Tyler was actually her father when she was eight years old. Liv has gone on to enormous fame as an actress in The Lord of the Rings movies as elf princess Arwen. Liv lives in Los Angeles with her son, Milo. Mia Tyler, whose mother is actress Cyrinda Foxe (who passed away a few years ago), is a well-known model and was married to ex-Papa Roach drummer, Dave Buckner. It seems like rock stars’ daughters always end up marrying more rock stars… Liv’s ex-husband is Spacehog lead singer Royston Langdon. Liv and Mia have another half-sister, Chelsea, and a brother named Taj.

    Frances Bean Cobain: Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Hole lead singer Courtney Love, was the darling of the 90’s grunge scene. Frances’ life began with scandal when it was alleged that her mother was using heroin while pregnant. She is a well-established visual artist these days, having shown her work in 2010 at the La Luz De la Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles (right around the corner from where I used to live in LA)! She’s also engaged to Isaiah Silva, the lead singer of The Rambles. As someone who remembers the cover of Sassy magazine featuring Kurt and Courtney when they first fell in love, and as a huge fan of both of them, I always feel a little surge of love when I hear France Bean’s name mentioned. 


    Daisy Lowe: Long before Gavin Rossdale met Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of Bush fathered famous British underwear model Daisy Lowe with songwriter (now textile designer) Pearl Lowe. Daisy didn’t learn until she was 14 that Rossdale was her biological father. She’s dated music biz hotties like Mark Ronson and publicly stated in 2011 that she considers herself to be bisexual.

    Kimberly Stewart: This one time Hollywood party girl, daughter of Rod Stewart and model Alana Stewart, recently gave birth to her first daughter, Delilah, fathered by actor Benicio Del Toro. She has been romantically linked to Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy) and was briefly engaged to Talan Torriero from MTV’s Laguna Beach. 

    Kelly Osbourne: Kelly’s definitely one of my favorite celebs. Her lesser-known sister, Amy, shunned the perks of fame by refusing to participate in The Osbournes on MTV. Kelly’s done it all; she’s released her own music, danced up a storm on Dancing with the Stars (during which time she lost a noticeable amount of weight), worked as a fashion commentator on E! Entertainment Television, hosted radio programs and has contributed to publications as an advice columnist.  I can’t put into words how much I adore this girl, from her unabashed foul mouth to her courage in tackling an addiction to pain killers, to painfully honest dealings with break-ups covered by the media. Kelly has often been the subject of criticism and never lets anyone’s opinion of her prevent her from trying new things.

    Theodora and Alexandra Richards. Daughters of the infamous Keith Richards (the Rolling Stones) and supermodel Patti Hansen, Theodora and Alexandra Richards are the living definition of the stereotype of “rock star’s daughter.”  Their dad was arrested for heroin possession back in 1977, and they traveled the world as young girls with their father’s band.  Alexandra now works as a model and DJ at celebrity parties. Theodora, a successful model, was nabbed for illegal marijuana and hydrocodone possession after getting busted spray-painting graffiti in New York in March of 2011. The charges were dismissed and Theodora had to serve two days of community service. Both girls have inherited their mom’s amazing looks as well as their dad’s interest in the hard-partying lifestyle.

    Lily Collins The beautiful and talented daughter of Phil Collins (the original lead singer of Genesis) became famous in her own right after taking a starring role in the smash hit movie, The Blind Side. She has since gone on to earn the title role in Mirror Mirror opposite Julia Roberts, and was cast as Clary Fray in the movie version of The Mortal Instruments, as well as the remake of cult classic The Evil Dead. Not just a pretty face, Lily also was a contributing writer to the British version of Elle Girl throughout her teen years living in Los Angeles. Remember this girl’s name, you’re going to be seeing a lot of her on screen in the next few years!

    Read all about the life of a rock star’s daughter - check out Caitlyn Duffy’s romantic teen fiction on Wattpad!

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    You know you’re a Wattpadder when …

    “Dear Santa’ becomes “Dear Wattpad”

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    We’re halfway through January! Now that the month of hearts is fast approaching, get yourself prepped by reading these engagement & marriage stories on Wattpad.

    Don’t forget to vote for your favorites in the Watty Awards 2011. The contest ends January 31st.


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    Hi! This is the official Wattpad blog. :) You can see our posts on Wattpad Insider as well:

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    Wattpad Vlog:

    Today, we review “No Heroes Here”, an apocalyptic - superhero mashup. Check out this science fiction short story by GenXblogger if you like “X-Men” and “One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest”. A fantastic read!

    Wattpad News

    • Thank you for all the amazing entries in our “You Know You’re A Wattpadder When” contest! We’ll be sharing some of the most popular entries and our favorites throughout the week before we announce the lucky winner on January 20th. Stay tuned!
    • Only 2 weeks left to vote in the Watty Awards 2011! Support the best stories and writers!
    • Please help Wattpad! Vote for us as the BEST STARTUP COMPANY in the TechVibes Startup Awards. Deadline is tonight at midnight. Vote and spread the word!

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    Wattpad entry.

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    Wattpad brings you a guest post originally published in Teen Ink magazine:

    Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier 

    By a-s-z, los angeles, CA

    I picked this up when I was looking for a book to take to the beach. I had in mind some bird-brained, pink-covered chic-lit that was at least entertaining. But I finally decided on Girl with a Pearl Earring; at least it was required reading for school.

    Johannes Vermeer’s renowned painting, around which this novel is based, adorns the cover. Initially, I assumed it was one of those books with a pretty cover but no substance, like Twilight. And the few reviews from friends didn’t help. According to them, I was about to read a boring drag of a book. Great! 

    When I began, I thought, Okay, this isn’t so bad.

    Continue reading here!

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    You Know You’re a Wattpader When…

    You have the app on the Android, iTouch, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, MyTouch…

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    Vampires, elves, faeries, dragons - what is your favorite mythical creature in fantasy fiction? Tweet us your pick @Wattpad to enter today’s Wattpad Wednesday contest!

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    “Girl Meets Boy” contest!

    Our friends at Chronicle Books have just published the ultimate Valentine’s Day book, Girl Meets Boy, and to celebrate, author Kelly Milner Halls is stopping by Wattpad for an exclusive contest.

    Find out more details on our new Wattpad Community Contests page!


    Enjoy 25% off + free ground shipping when you buy Girl Meets Boy with Chronicle Books. Just enter code WATTPAD at checkout. Hurry—this special deal expires February 15th.

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    You know you’re a wattpadder when you have 86 apps on your iPhone 4, but the first thing you do is post stuff on wattpad

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    Becoming a fantasy fiction author, creating worlds, vampires, elves, dragons, and more! Listen to our podcast interview with Diana Ilinca, author of “Zirconya, The Sage of Aluh’Nehn”, “The Dragon Cager”, “Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale”, and other fantasy fiction on Wattpad.

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